MARS EnvironmentĀ¶

MARS is used through a working environment based on C-shell scripts in order to resolved frequently observed problems like :

  • Difficulty in following MARS evolutions which led to different MARS codes
  • Numerical developments and configurations which must be performed following a few usual rules, otherwise they get lost
Goals of MARS environment
  • Management of MARS versions
  • Easier tracking of configuration changes
  • Easier keeping up to date of configurations
  • Direct visualization of user’s modifications
  • Sharing of configurations
  • Saving of disk space

The complete MARS code (sources, namelist, environment, documentation and netcdf libraries) is located in a directory defined by the environment variable $HOMEMARS

  • Run the code for personal configuration or use test cases
  • Improve the code (numerical developmentsā€¦)
  • Report encountered problems or needs
  • Follow code improvements, keep configurations up to date
  • MARS environment is originally derived from utility named Drakkar Config Manager and developped by J. M. Molines and S. Theetten.
  • Similar environments are used with MARS code, NEMO code (DRAKKAR projects and followings) and SYMPHONIE code (soon).