What is the MARS environment

3 Directories
  • MARS environment is composed by 3 directories :
    • MARS_CONFIG : for compilation and code modification by the user
    • COMPILE_MARS : where the compile code is (The user doesn’t need to go in this directory and he must not modify files otherwise user’s changes might be lost)
    • RUN_MARS : for run simulations by the user, and where there are input and output files
3 scripts
  • mkconfdir : create the directories of a configuration (MARS environnement : List of useful commands)
  • makefile : manage the configuration (choice of rank, test case, previous configurations), and compile the code by calling Makefile.linux or Makefile.datarmor
  • Makefile.linux or Makefile.datarmor : MARS compilation with CPP keys
Reference code
  • The originial code (reference code) is placed in the Reference directory $HOMEMARS/..
  • which contains :
    • MARS sources,
    • Scripts of MARS environment,
    • Makefile for the compilation,
    • Input files as namelists and ‘*’.dat (river.dat, outflow.dat…)
    • Documentation : manuals, faq
    • Module example (fortran)
    • Libraries (netcdf, io_netcdf)
    • Code rules
  • The directory $HOMEMARS is defined in the user file : .cshrc

Available directories