MARS environnement

1. Are you sure you are trying to install a new version from the right machine : the one where you have defined the environment and from where you will run the executable ?
2. Check your MARS environment in your .cshrc file, you must have
alias mkconfdir "$HOMEMARS/../TOOLS/MARSENV/mkconfdir_caparmor"

To remove the whole configuration (whatever the CASE):

To remove only one configuration (a case)
cd $CDIR ; \rm -R WCONF-CASE

Answer usefull for V8.XX versions only

With 'gmake install', you use the $HOMEMARS environment variable, you cannot use update facilities
With 'gmake install "OLDREV=XX" "NEWREV=YY" ', you use the $HTTPSVNROOT environment variable. When using the "update -s" command, SubVersioN updates your routines (under $UDIR/CONF/CONF-CASE) from thre OLDREV revision to the NEWREV revision. You have to resolve conflicted files only.
If NEWREV correspond to V8.XX (IT SHOULD !), your reference code is the same in both cases.